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Welcome to the digital Student Initiative Helpdesk!

If you are interested in starting a new student organisation in Maastricht, or need additional information and support for your already existing organisation, you came to the right place! The Student Initiative Helpdesk provides support for student organisations in Maastricht in several areas. Scroll down to the pages below for the help you are looking for.

<aside> 📢 ANNOUNCEMENTS Walk-in office every Tuesday at the Student Service Centre! Ask the SIH coordinator your questions at B0.01 from 9h30-12h30. See you there?


If you have additional questions, feedback or advice you think might be helpful to others, please contact us via email: [email protected]. To become part of our network of organisations, initiatives and projects make sure to follow us on Instagram and become part of our WhatsApp-group for student organisations!

The Network

<aside> 📌 The SIH organises several workshops throughout the year for board members of student organisations in Maastricht. Are you an active board member of an organisation and do you want to expand your knowledge on subjects as finance, organisational structure, board transitions and social safety? Keep an eye on the SIH Instagram page, where promotion for the next workshop will be posted! Want to get a personal invite? Email [email protected]!


Areas of support

<aside> ❤️ Everything you can read in this guide was created by us (the SIH coordinator, the Student Project Team, mymaastricht.nl, Kaleido and the Maastricht Entrepreneurs), to the best of our knowledge. We hope to have created an informative foundation upon which we can all build. If you spot something that is outdated or you would like to contribute more information (eg. additional suggestions, interesting partners or personal experiences) please reach out to us. Together we can create something that generations of student initiatives can benefit from.