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Welcome to the digital Student Initiative Helpdesk!

If you have found this page, you either have an idea for a student initiative or are part of an existing student organisation in Maastricht and are looking for additional information. Scroll down to the pages below for information, or further down to find out more about the organisations involved, and where you can find more help in the city.

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If you have additional questions, feedback or advice you think might be helpful to others, please contact us via email: [email protected]. To become part of our network of organisations, initiatives and projects make sure to join the Student Organisations Maastricht Facebook Group!

The Network

Areas of support

<aside> ❤️ Everything you can read in this guide was created by us (the SIH coordinator, the Student Project Team, mymaastricht.nl, Kaleido and the Maastricht Entrepreneurs), to the best of our knowledge. We hope to have created an informative foundation upon which we can all build. If you spot something that is outdated or you would like to contribute more information (eg. additional suggestions, interesting partners or personal experiences) please reach out to us. Together we can create something that generations of student initiatives can benefit from.